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Free 3 GB space for File Storage and Sharing

The site gives 3 GB Free space. It allows you to upload files more than 10 MB say 14 MB or more, which other sites do not allow. More exiting features, check
By San [website] from California on February 22, 2006 in Computer

Hi Friends,

I came across a website that is really wonderful. It is the best online document storage system known as MySmartdrive. All you have to do is visit and sign up for a new account and whats more it COMES FREE with 3 GB space.


a) One of the best feature is that you can UPLOAD a file that is more than 10 MB say 14 MB or more than that. Other email sites only allows you maximum file size of 10 MB per file.

b) MySmartdrive also lets you store and share files such as Word, excel, ppt, pdf, MP3, wmv, etc online with your friends or business partners. Tell your friends, family or colleagues to sign-up with MySmartdrive account to view the files that you share with them.

c) You can also send files to other MySmartdrive users or any email account such as Yahoo, hotmail, AOL, etc.

d) You can also convert word, excel, PowerPoint and txt files to PDF format before sending it across to your friends via Email.

MySmartdrive also offers you a wide range of Services / Plans. To know more about this services please visit

Now what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign-up with and start uploading and sharing files with the one or anyone whom you wish to. Also tell your friends to signup and enjoy the amazing service of MySmartdrive.


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